Journal Pages

A couple journal pages I've been working on recently....Practicing lettering and just having some fun!

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JessiVille said...

OMG! Sharon, I think blogger has screwed up again - why did I not know you were posting again? There are no dates on your posts so I'm not sure when you did these. I'm going back and see that you are doing fabulous art journal work and that oil pastel painting? GORGEOUS! I just used my first oil pastels and they were so old and dry and stinky I had to throw them out. I did have a couple of senneliers but not enough to complete my painting. Looks like I'll have to go shopping again, lol!
I just love your art journal pages!
I'm going to try anad fix blogger today too. My followers don't show any more either.
Jessi :) xox Say "hi" to Lisa for me!