I took an all day Workshop Class, to learn how to paint these vases with ACRYLIC paint. Here I will show you the basic steps to painting these vases.
First you start with a plain clear vase, any type you like. You can get them at Wal-Mart really cheap or if you've have someone that sends you flowers, you may have a few clear vases on hand *smile* I've seen several vases finished and I like this style the best, with the little scallop edge on the top.
It gives it a little flare~
Wash it and dry it...let it air a couple hours, to make sure it's completely dry.
This vase is upside down, because it was drying, when I took the picture.
I painted it with cheap Acrylic paint in a COPPER color...
This picture shows the FIRST COAT of paint. You have to judge for yourself, how many coats of paint to use, depending on the coverage, but I used 3 coats total, before painting the flowers.
HOWEVER, after the first or second coat of paint, you have to BAKE the acrylic on your vase. Set your vase on a cookie sheet and BAKE in a SLOW OVEN about 200 degrees for a couple hours. This is very important, other wise your paint will chip off the vase... later.
Paint your vase with acrylics you can get in a small bottle at any craft store or Wal-Mart.
You don't need the expensive acrylics for this!
I painted mine with the COPPER, it gives the vase a nice
*RICH* look and it's autumn,
so I'm making a few for presents too! You can use any color you like. First decide on the floral graphic you are going to paint and then you can pick your vase color easier. I picked a hibiscus to paint on my vase.
After you've painted your flower and you are happy with the finished results.
Add 2 coats of CLEAR ACRYLIC varnish. Apply it when the finished floral painting is painted on your vase and it's dry. See how pretty it shines. You have to do the CLEAR coat for the vase to be finished. Otherwise your painting looks dull and it will chip.
You can purchase the clear finish in the same place you get the acrylic paints.
What a wonderful present for someone, or for yourself. Have Fun and Enjoy!


Leah Crowe said...

Wow, that is so gorgeous Sharon!! I love the look!

Ursula said...

Luv the way your vase turned out!