Ticket to Venice

I am so happy to being taking this online class with Mary Ann Moss. I've loved all her classes! A few weeks ago I asked her when she was having a new class and HERE it is! This is going to be very exciting....as Mary Ann is traveling to Venice and sharing her experience with us. Then we will be making a journal together.

I don't get a chance to travel as I am a sole caregiver for my handicapped daughter. So this will be a GREAT experience for me. Through her emails, postcards and videos, it will be like I am really in Venice.... floating through the city!
**because there are absolutely no cars in Venice**
Thanks Mary Ann, you're the best.

This is a picture she has in the class... I now have it as my desktop wallpaper.
If you would like more information on the class, which goes live December 15, 2012..... click on the picture in the sidebar :: Ticket to Venice! See you there!

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Jamie Lynn said...

I had a look around earlier today - Nice stuffs {smile} Glad you could make it to Dede's this am & I'm sure I'll see ya around the streams & twitters